2016 State Street Studios | BEFORE Your Session

Thank you so much in your recent interest in State Street Studios!

We are so pleased and eager to work with you and your family during your upcoming session. It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to help preserve your family's milestones and memories.



We have custom collections available for any type of portrait session. These collections are put together with the customer in mind. More of what you do want and less of what you don't while staying within a reasonable and affordable price range. Please call 814-797-2013 for more information.


Payments for your portrait session are due in full the day of the session. We accept check (Hold on print orders until check clears -- $50.00 return check fee) or credit/debit card.


We want to provide you with an exceptional photography experience. We ask that you please take a few moments to give us a little more information about what kind of portrait session you have in mind. The information that you provide in the client information form allows us to pre-plan and have the session specifics already arranged or set up when you arrive. Your time on this form is greatly appreciated! 

Once you have filled out the client information form, please check out the pre-session checklist. This guide is solely for you. It will assist you in planning for your upcoming session and point out suggestions and tips for that day. 





Again we thank you for your interest in STATE STREET STUDIOS and look forward to seeing you soon!