2016 State Street Studios | AFTER Your Session

About 3 days after the session, I will make contact to schedule a portrait reveal party (explained below). 

Within a week of your session you should receive an email with a direct link to your online gallery. You will be able to forward the email on to friends and family as well. 

While some ordering can be done directly on the website, I really recommend that you come back in for a Reveal Party. It's just an hour long session (if needed) to view the portraits and submit your order for portrait prints. We will provide comfortable seating (hey, that's always important, right?), as well as finger snacks and refreshments to enjoy as you view the images on a stunning 42-inch HD Flat Screen television in our Viewing Room. We want to emphasize small town community spirit and best way we know how to do that is to welcome you into our home  just as we would family, so we really hope you will consider coming to your portrait reveal party. As a special treat, I will have a portrait item ready for you to purchase at 50% off and take it home that day.


Print orders have a 1 to 2 week turnaround, depending on any holidays or busy times. 


I would also like to hear your feedback! Please complete this simple feedback survey. This allows me to see what you guys like, don't like, wish I'd change, etc. By submitting this information, I can better serve future customers. Your time is really appreciated! 

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